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Our team of experts offer mouth watering special offers. From adventurous elephant trekking to awe-inspiring beaches, our collection of destinations is irresistible.

Dahlia Abou Salama

“Insights Seekers…. A true life changing experience
I always dreamed of traveling, not knowing where to exactly. But I wanted something special, something out of world in my dreams.
I joined the Seekers in lots of trips going for magical spots in Egypt, we went to many destinations in South Sinai and also Siwa.
I prefer being solo in most things I do, yet I never enjoyed group activities as much as I did with Insights Seekers.
The places we went to, the discussions we had, the food we shared, and all the laughters, tears, cries for help, holding each other’s backs… all that brought us together into a family. That what truly touched my heart, a family that can grow without blood and ties. Words can never give the true worth of the gratitude in me as a family member of Insights Seekers.”

Dahlia Abou Salama