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We are a diverse group of outdoor therapy enthusiasts, and we share our approach to healing through adventures in the wilderness

The real life experiences and insights we gain from rock climbing, trekking, and horseback riding, shape our methodologies for self healing and self-discovery.
Our approach uses mental and physical exercises in nature to help people deal with their problems. We believe in the use of adventure sports to aid in character development and self discovery.

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We're glad to have such beautiful people joining our expeditions, but what inspires us to keep going is these beautiful words and insights.

I went with Insight seekers on several trips to the desert and mountains around Dahab. We went hiking, climbing, horseback riding and made a tour up Mount Sinai together. I chose Insight Seekers again and again because it's nothing like the other touristic tours and guides you find around here. Belal has a different approach to his tours. As the name `Insights seekers‘ indicates, Belal and his team go beyond the activities itself and aim to make you experience deeper insights in nature, the activity and even within yourself. This may be conquering your fears at the rocks while climbing, opening your eyes to the surrounding nature, discovering a strong bond with the horse you’re riding or asking yourself questions you never asked before. With his calm and positive energy Belal is the ideal guide and outdoor companion. His trips are the perfect mix of fun activity as well as quiet moments and deep talks. I would also say that the tours brought our group of friends closer together. I can sincerely recommend his tours!
Our trip in the Sinai desert was MAGIC. Belal is a unique human being, who is able to create a space full of trust and wisdom. His loving presence is radiating everywhere he goes and he is treating all aliveness with a loving respect. On our first day he said "Introduce yourself to the Wilderness and let the Wilderness introduce itself to you" and that's it. That is what happened for me during our journey. Through the humble guidance of Belal I could leave behind fear and access trust in myself. I could open to the magical energy of the desert and connect deeply with myself and the group. Things unfolded in a natural way. The way they were meant to be. This trip has been extremely inspiring and aligned with source and at the same time totally funny, simple and fully human. YESSSS!!!!! Rock on Insights Seekers. I am your biggest fan!
I had no idea how much it would change my life!

When I joined insight seekers for the first time. The touch of nature, the love for each other, the conversations without borders, all together brothers and sisters, hiking from peak to peak to seek for all the greatness within ourselves. It was a very enlightening experience!I would recommend it to anyone who is on a quest for happiness and self-awareness. Much love to all!
Nathan Leclerc
It was an adventure that was paired with the gorgeous natural settings of the desert and mountains. My love for life and the world was renewed. This is a wonderful feeling that is unique and transforms every time you go with Insight seekers. Insight seekers is not an experience it's a life stage, it stays with you forever. We rock climbed, experienced horse rides in the desert, had the honor of sight seeing natural enclaves in the desert and experienced Bedouin hospitality with food and tea. It was beautiful."
Assia Hamdy
Such a beautiful and deep experience being in the desert with Insights Seekers. For all the 6 days we got the chance to experience the simple and yet powerful life in the desert, to know and connect with the Bedouins and their lifestyle, to deeply connect with nature and ourselves.We have been offered the much needed space, time, peace, joy, adventure, light and warmth we crave for day to day! I feel that after this experience the desert is part of me and I am part of the desert! Lovely guides and great exercises! Totally worth it.
Mara Georgiana

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Egypt?

Since the 2011 revolution, Egyptian people along with the government have been working together and taking measures to make the country safe and stable for tourists. Both statistics and individual first hand experiences documented by foreigners testify to their success in doing so. Here at Insight Seekers, we can personally verify this as our team and the participants come from all parts of the world and find the country a safe place to live and visit.

As of May 2019, CNN has topped Egypt as the 2nd top destination to visit in 2020. In recent years, tourism in Egypt has been on the rise, tourism being a very important part of the country’s economy. Already in 2017, tourism grew by 55.1 percent welcoming  8.5 million tourists. More recently, in just the first half of this year,  tourism revenues rose once again by 36.7 percent. According to a report by the World Tourism and Travel Council, Egypt expects a continued increase in tourism, with the prediction for the coming year to be around 11.7 million tourists.

Southern Sinai, Egypt is safe and peaceful place, especially the desert. The desert in which expeditions take place is a protected land. Only the local Bedouins who have always lived there, stay there. For any non-Bedouin, there are several checkpoints and a requirement of a local Bedouin guide to enter.

We’ve been doing these expeditions for 3 years now and have never had any participant who felt unsafe or had any concerns. As a matter of fact, we’ve had multiple participants share that they felt safer in the desert than walking around in their home cities.
As for the expedition itself, Belal the founder, is on every expedition. He discovered and picked the trails himself. Along with him, we have local Bedouin guides that have grown up and spent their entire lives in the desert. They know every corner, for it is their home. Their expertise and knowledge guarantee a safe journey for each expedition.. but just for an added measure, there is a vehicle with GPS a phone call away at all times as well.

Check this videos about Egypt

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We most definitely can! All our food will be prepared on site with local and organic ingredients. As long as you specify your dietary preferences when applying, we can accommodate everything. After applying, we will organize a time to discuss in detail about the expedition and what to expect. At this time, we ask you to communicate your needs so that together we can ensure you receive what you need. Since certain items are not available in Egypt, we work together to have the best outcome!

Who will be my travelling companions?

With the group sizes between 7-12 people, you’ll find yourself in a cozy group of new like-minded individuals from around the world. Our expeditions attract seekers from all over the globe, so we end up learning from each other as much as the desert and mountains.

The common language between participants will be English, while the guide is also fluent in Arabic and the guide assistant in German. There are no age restrictions for who can join, so each group is a diverse mixture of varying ages and different backgrounds. However, everyone who attends shares the common objective of healing, self-discovery and character development in nature.

Do I need travel insurance?

A form of medical insurance is a necessity, one that will cover you abroad. However, this is a personal responsibility. Travel insurance is highly recommended for those who do not have international coverage on their insurance at home.

While our guides and team help you remain safe throughout the expedition and we’ve not had any accidents (other than the occasional stubborn blister) to date, ultimately life is unpredictable and we want to ensure your safety.
There will be a medical form to fill out as part of your application for the expedition to guarantee your safety.

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We love insights and sharing insights. We spend most of our time thinking about character development and self healing through adventure sports and nature.

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