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To be a good companion for those who are in the journey of seeking the best version of themselves

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Who we are

We are a diverse group of like-minded individuals all on the path ourselves, who share a collective approach to healing through adventurous activities in the wilderness

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How we do it

Our wilderness therapy programs serve to create space and guide people to overcome their challenges using the wilderness as an alternative to traditional therapies and medications.

More about Insights Seekers
More about Insights Seekers

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Seekers Reviews

"Insight seekers is the opportunity to be renewed, mentally and spiritually.
It was an adventure that was paired with the gorgeous natural settings of the desert and mountains. My love for life and the world was renewed. This is a wonderful feeling that is unique and transforms every time you go with Insight seekers. Insight seekers is not an experience it's a life stage, it stays with you forever. We rock climbed, experienced horse rides in the desert, had the honor of sight seeing natural enclaves in the desert and experienced Bedouin hospitality with food and tea. It was beautiful."
Assia Hamdy

"I had no idea how much it would change my life!
When I joined insight seekers for the first time. The touch of nature, the love for each other, the conversations without borders, all together brothers and sisters, hiking from peak to peak to seek for all the greatness within ourselves. It was a very enlightening experience!I would recommend it to anyone who is on a quest for happiness and self-awareness. Much love to all! "

Nathan Leclerc

"Quite frankly it is a bit hard to highlight which aspect of Insights Seekers outshines the others. If I go on about how great each second I spend with them as it would give the impression that their events are meant for pleasure which is not wrong but a huge understatement is given the amount of work and preparation spent on delivering everything they promote and stand for. Their core values are Synergy, simplicity, Authenticity, humbleness, and Patience. And you get to live through every single one of them in a span of a mere few days. It's definitely not a walk in a park experience as you can tell but extremely recommended for literally anyone! "
Muhammad Al Attar

"Such a beautiful and deep experience being in the desert with Insights Seekers. For all the 6 days we got the chance to experience the simple and yet powerful life in the desert, to know and connect with the Bedouins and their lifestyle, to deeply connect with nature and ourselves.We have been offered the much needed space, time, peace, joy, adventure, light and warmth we crave for day to day! I feel that after this experience the desert is part of me and I am part of the desert! Lovely guides and great exercises! Totally worth it."

Mara Georgiana Moldoveanu

"This trip was one of a kind. Thanks to Belal for following his heart, bringing this organisation to life and just giving us the chance to experience all of this. He created a space where we were able to trust our own intuition, open up to each other and feel such an amazingly deep connection. He guided us with his sensitive nature and his strong presence. He is such a kind person from deep down of his very heart! A giver, a humble man, and a leader.
This trip was just the perfect mixture of adventure, connecting with like minded people, hiking, seeing so many layers of the beautiful and breathtaking wilderness and also taking time for ourselves and just connecting with our inner wilderness. "
Andrea Leutert

"Belal imbued the whole journey with wonder and spirituality, and for that I am forever grateful.I am so glad to have chosen insight seekers and Belal as my guide, as he made my experience more insightful and one full of reflection. Not only did he make trusting him incredibly easy, but this trust allowed me to fully enjoy the experience and fear no judgement. 
This rock climbing experience taught me to not fear the possibility of failure but rather to embrace it, to be more open and vulnerable, and that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you get back up and try again."


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