The following is what our friend Mimi had to say about her experience with us:

The American author Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.“

This night at the Blue Lagoon in Dahab, it was much more than just a moment’s insight. It was my first week in Dahab. I remember how we sat under a beautiful night sky around a campfire talking about our life stories, success moments and challenges.

Open hearts, emotional stories of our pasts and sometimes loud laughters were filling the silent night at the beautiful Blue Lagoon. We were just humans this night. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and shared personal experiences.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What was the idea behind the first Insight Seekers camp?

I remember this week in November 2016 was full of „first times“: it were the first days of six months in Egypt, I worked for the first time in a coworking space, ate for the first „Koshari“ and it was Belal’s first personality development camp for Insight Seekers.

He has just started his new project and planned his first camp retreat under the motto „Success Stories.“ For our start up team, it was a good opportunity for getting to know each other better and to get inspiration from other life stories. Since October had been a very busy month for the coworking space, we were looking forward to clear our minds and to escape for a while from the daily routine.

We were a group of about 20 people. Most of the group members were Egyptians and came all the way from Cairo and Alexandria to Dahab in order to join the Insight Seekers camp.

The main goal of the camp was to...

✓ share our ideas of success and talk about our personal success stories

✓  talk about individual growth and core values

✓  become aware of our personal life purpose

✓  escape for a moment from the everyday routine to get more energy

✓  strengthen teamwork

The camp retreat included four days full of fun and inspirational activities. Due to my work, I only joined the first two days. Though, I’ve learned many things during this short time period.

1st Day: We arrived in the early morning at the Blue Lagoon in Dahab, the perfect place for the camp retreat. The peaceful atmosphere is unique: the turquoise-blue lagoon surrounded by the Sinai Mountains, some simple cottages and a really bad network. Being cut off from the outside world makes it easier to relax and focus just on yourself.

When the sun went down, we climbed the mountains and found a comfortable place to meditate. For the first time, I completely calmed down since I’ve arrived in Egypt. The guided meditation made me feel more connected to the other persons in the group.

After the meditation, we enjoyed traditional Bedouin dinner together. We talked, laughed and enjoyed the simple, but delicious food.

When the dinner was finished, we sat around a campfire under a billion stars to talk about our personal success stories.

What do we define as success? What are our core values and beliefs? Which struggles did we encounter in life and how did we grow from them? We carefully listened to each others’ success stories and dreams. It was encouraging to see how people kept on fighting for their goals, although it hasn’t always been easy. We were a culturally mixed group with pasts that couldn’t be more diversified, but we shared so many similar views on the world. We  built each other up, asked questions, gave advices. We shared the most important, but also most banal moments of our lives that has made us what we are now.

It was a huge enrichment to learn from the others, but also from ourselves. It was even more beautiful to be so connected even though we barely knew each other and grew up in different cultures. We finished the evening by singing songs together at the campfire. We taught each other German and traditional Bedouin songs. It was an unforgettable experience.

2nd Day: In the morning, we left the Blue Lagoon and went with the group to the coworking space to play a game called KAPLA.The idea behind this game was to strengthen our ability to work in a team, to improve our communication skills and to achieve success together.

Our task was to build a small bridge from wooden pieces. It was a big challenge because we only had 20 minutes to finish our task and were only shown a short instructional video in the beginning.

Every person was responsible for building a part of the bridge. The first two times, we failed to accomplish the task. But from time to time, we got better. Why? Because we improved our communication, had a better allocation of tasks and slowly found out the strengths or weaknesses of the single team members so that we could allocate the tasks more efficiently.

Each time we failed, we discussed how we could be better next time. We strengthened our team work and got better by working together.

3rd and 4th day: The other activities I couldn’t join included a night walk to the notorious mountain St. Catherine, snorkeling, horse and camel riding, a safari at Genai Valley, a Bedouin party and a relaxing day together in Dahab.

My three biggest insights

1. Success in an ongoing process with unpredictable challenges. It takes a positive attitude and the right activities that fit your life goals to achieve ongoing life satisfaction and your private victory. Success is not the end result, but the small steps you take in between.

2. There’s no general definition of success. Success is conceived differently by each individual depending on their life situation. While in western countries success is mostly connected to career and money, success can be much smaller things.  It’s important to appreciate the small things, too, if we would like to lead a happier life.

3. The most important success factor for team work is a good communication which allows an efficient task allocation.

Conclusion: The Insight Seekers Events Are Perfect for Individuals, but also Companies Who Want to Increase Their Awareness for (Common) Goals and Core Values

If you’d like to get out of your comfort zone and are ready to open yourself towards other people, the Insight Seeker events are the perfect opportunity to grow. You’ll talk about personal or common struggles, find a way for solutions and learn more about your core values.

The community spirit among the team members will definitely improve which can be a big benefit for companies. The motivation to reach my personal goals grew thanks to the camp and my awareness for the small, but beautiful things in life got better. I became much more relaxed, but at the same time more ambitious.

— Mimi