One plus one equals three or more. Collective wisdom and collective work helps you to become the best version of you possible. By creating an environment where we can go back to human basics and strip away the fakery of the modern world, we come to a place where the collective can experience the inspiration created within.
Getting back to a simple life is key to creating a pure blank slate from which you can build a better version of you . Getting away from always being “on” creates an environment where you can get in touch with yourself within. Simplicity allows us to live free from the five cancers of Competing, Complaining, Criticising, Comparing and Controlling.
Returning to our original and authentic selves allows us the space to become honest in our everyday lives, in all of our interactions, and our decisions. The old versions of human beings are our true and authentic selves which allowed us so much more access to being our best selves and just existing.
Arrogance is the biggest block to achieving truthfulness. By being humble, we respect the human part of ourselves, the part that makes mistakes and doesn’t judge others when they make mistakes. Making mistakes facilitates growth and the acquisition of wisdom. We don’t seek to be perfect, but seek to be perfect in our imperfection.
Self improvement doesn't happen overnight. Changing ourselves is not like flicking on a light switch. Change takes time, practice, dedication, mistakes, understanding, and most of all - patience. Patience that the universe is helping you along the path to being the best version of you through presenting you with opportunities, challenges, and tests.