Insights Seekers is a personal development organisation that was conceived on a foundation of knowledge, personal experience and a drive to provide a more intense, in depth and enlightening experience for all our visitors.
Our mission is to be a companion for those who are on the journey of seeking the best version of themselves or seeking better version of their lifestyle. 

We are the first wilderness therapy hub based on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. We seek treatment through animals like camels and horses, surrounded by farm, and mountains where you can find:

  • A proper treatment for your body through good nutrition (organic vegetables and fruits – chicken – goats and sheep – wild herbs) – nice morning routine includes sports  
  • A room for a good routine, to your mind by finding a good network of people / researchers concerned about the mental health and experiencing the wilderness and the adventure as an alternative to heal psychologically, develop your character, and explore the universe inside out.

We provide a platform where people come to explore themselves through the adventure and where the adventurers are gathering to inspire and empower each other.
This is a place where you can build a new routine and develop a lifestyle surrounded by a good company of internationals who care about good nutrition, mental health, wilderness therapy, and being a better version of themselves.
Here you can find experts who can empower and help you in every aspect in your life — spiritually, emotionally, physically, and psychologically.
Our excursions were build with the consultation of psychologists who are passionate about adventure and wilderness therapy. They believe in our mission and core values and have researched healing through horse riding, rock climbing, freediving, and have developed new methodologies and techniques to enrich these kind of experiences.

Our Core Values


One plus one equals three or more. Collective wisdom and collective work helps you to become the best version of you possible. By creating an environment where we have can go back to human basics and strip away the fakery of the modern world, we come to a place where the collective can experience the inspiration created within.


Getting back to a simple life is key to creating a pure blank slate from which you can build a better version of you . Getting away from always being “on” creates an environment where you can get in touch with yourself within. Simplicity allows us to live free from the five cancers of Competing, Complaining, Criticising, Comparing and Controlling.


Returning to our original and authentic selves allows us the space to become honest in our everyday lives, in all of our interactions, and our decisions. The old versions of human beings are our true and authentic selves which allowed us so much more access into being our best selves and just existing.


Arrogance is the biggest block to achieving truthfulness. By being humble, we respect the human part of ourselves, the part that makes mistakes and doesn’t judge others when they make mistakes. Making mistakes facilitates growth and the acquisition of  wisdom. We don’t seek to be perfect, but seek to be perfect in our imperfection.


Changing ourselves is not like flicking on a light switch. Change takes time, practice, dedication, failing, understanding and most of all – patience. Patience that the universe is helping you along the path to being the best version of you through presenting you with opportunities, challenges and tests.

Our Expiditions


We practice a morning routine together – we share and we try to build a habit.
We eat healthy, slow cooked meals that include locally sourced ingredients such as olive oil, Sinai mountain honey, desert herbs, vegetables, fruits, limited gluten and sugar. We stay away from the poison of processed foods and beverages.
We stimulate an environment full of peace, love, acceptance that everyone can share his/her story and experiences without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.   
We remind each other of some life truths and illusions.
We ask existential questions and then hike in silence to seek answers and then we reflect and share together around the campfire.
We use our bodies in a variety of activities, explore an array of landscapes, chase the sunrise and the sunset from different summits.
We meditate together.


I am Belal Abdussalam. For the last two years I’ve hiked around 3000 KM in the desert alone, with locals, and visitors from all over the world. I’ve passed by all kinds of ancient trails, valleys, canyons, and mountains here on the biblical Sinai peninsula. I am a Three Peaks Egypt Challenge summiteer (three of the the highest three peaks in Egypt). I also ride horses, and am recently exploring other adventure sports such as kite surfing and freediving.
Once upon a time I was living the typical five day workweek schedule, trapped in the classic cookie-cutter lifestyle that was planned for me, unhappy marriage included. I was lost. I felt that there was something trapped inside that was itching to get out but was unable to do so due to the expectations society places on each of us. So what did I do? I spent my savings on an expensive divorce and moved to the desert with just a tent, a few supplies, and hardly any money. You can imagine the horror expressed by my conservative family and friends. No one understood what I was doing, and to be honest, neither did I. But guess what… it was the best thing I’ve ever done! I spent my days and nights totally alone in silent reflection, completely cut off from the modern world. I gained so much insight on who I am, and what I believe. These days I am helping people to do the same — retreat, heal, find adventure, and see themselves differently.
I am not a therapist, certified coach, mentor, advisor, or trainer. I am a human learning through my life experiences. I am a son, brother, friend, husband who married twice from two different nationalities. I am an entrepreneur, freelancer, and employee for corporations and startups in the field of human resource management and development. I also volunteer for different civil and development organizations.
One of my beliefs is that everyone has a story full of lessons that can inspire others. You just need the right environment to share without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. I claim that I can setup this environment with Insights Seekers. We exist to be a good company for those who are on the journey of seeking a better version of themselves. Join us on our next excursion!