Back to the Wilderness

Back to the Wilderness is a self healing experience where we focus on personal character development through the exploration of the expansive Sinai desert. We seek to facilitate the analysis of your universe inside and out through a cathartic, rousing adventure.

We promote an environment where people can feel comfortable to be authentic, vulnerable, and share their honest stories and life experiences without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

We listen to a lot of stories, we search and watch a lot of ted talks about the quality of life – philosophy of life – mental health – how the adventure and the wilderness can help us heal, develop, and excel.

If you’re willing to rehab, retreat, detox, and raise your self-awareness?
Join our expedition and we promise that we will be your good company, and will set up the environment for you to do all of this.

For one week we are going to experience the wilderness and the desert as a deep and enlightening moment to reflect on our life.

And go back to the childhood, be spontaneous, simple, be vulnerable and share unconditional happiness and fun.

And revive the connection between your body and mind by doing mind-body work in the desert.

Briefed itinerary:

  • We will detox our bodies by eating organic, locally sourced food.
  • We will hike, canyon, climb, scramble, and meditate by the sunset/rise.
  • We will sit together to talk and sometimes will be silent with ourselves.
  • We will connect the dots backwards and share powerful insights and perspectives about the life ultimate truths.

Your Wild Side is Calling

If you’re willing to rehab, retreat, detox, and raise your self-awareness, join our expedition and we guarantee to set up the environment for you to do so.

Let’s work together We’re looking for cooperations and people who believe in our mission