Climb, Seek, and Find!

Have you ever tried the top rope climbing outdoors in the mountains before?

If Yes or No
How do you perceive it – How could you describe it?

We are going to experience the top rope climbing as a moment of enlightenment to explore our potential and to reflect on our life, wanna join us?

Climb, Seek, and Find is a three day expedition into the desert mashed-up between rock climbing, and raising your self-awareness. You will get inspired by sharing reflections from real-life experiences with a like-minded company. It’s an adrenaline pumping but yet fun.

Belal the founder of Insights Seekers will be leading you in the expedition. The past two years and a half he hiked around 3000 KM in the desert alone, with locals, and visitors from all over the world, passed by different trails, valleys, canyons, and mountains. Listened to a lot of real-life stories from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and exchanged a lot of experiences and Insights. He will empower you to reflect in many aspects of your life.

What will we do there?

Every day we will “top rope” climb Sinai volcanic mountains and chase the sunrise to sunset among the valleys and mountains. Each day we will have a different climbing spot and we will sleep under the starry sky on the desert landscape.

Not to forget the genuine Bedouin participants who will provide us with the original natural and healthy food to help us clear our body as well as our mind.

Price: €250 until the end of February 
What will you recieve?

  1. A well trained expedition leader
  2. Rock climbing instructors
  3. Bedouin cooks and guides
  4. Camels to carry your luggage
  5. Cameleers to gather our luggage and set up the everyday camping spot.
  6. Healthy, organic, and locally made food suitable for hiking – breakfast, lunch and dinner slowly cooked on the bonfire – (the bedouin way).
  7. Natural herbs, honey and olive oils for detox.
  8. Three to four bottles of water per day.
  9. Well trained bedouin driver and a car connected with the GPS to reach us for any emergencies.
  10. An online group support to share daily insights and discussions.

What Are You Waiting For?

Please fill in the following registration form and we will contact you.

All info and updates about the climbing will be posted also on this page so please join the event to stay in the loop. And please like our Insight Seekers Facebook page below to get updates on our future events and posts.

Let’s work together!