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Oct 29, 2020

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Why should you join the next Expedition ?

- Willing to get away from your typical daily distractions.

- Seeking to get to know more about yourself and come out a better version of you.

- Want to experience the wilderness at its finest.

- Want to join amazing and authentic people.

- Want to do some serious hiking.

- Enjoy the captivating landscape of Sinai valleys.

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Grateful Seekers

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If you need time to discover who you really are, the best place to go is the wilderness. I had no idea what to expect from the desert. All I can say is, it was just incredible.

I spend 4 days hiking in the desert with a small group of special people.  We were hiking around 65km, had beautiful conversations and enough time to reflect on our own lives. They cooked for us the most amazing, fresh food and prepared a romantic night camp with bonfire. Waking up to the sunrise in the desert is remarkable and you will get into the rhythm of nature so fast. As soon as it was dark, we sat on the fire and counted the endless shooting stars.

The most special moment for me was to see the first sunrise of 2019 on top of a mountain. At that moment, everything was peaceful, and the world seemed to be fine.

Julia Wolfarm

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Our trip in the Sinai desert was MAGIC. Belal is a unique human being, who is able to create a space full of trust and wisdom. His loving presence is radiating everywhere he goes. On our first day he said "Introduce yourself to the Wilderness and let the Wilderness introduce itself to you" and that's it. That is what happened to me during our journey.

Through the humble guidance of Belal I could leave behind fear and access trust in myself. I could open to the magical energy of the desert and connect deeply with myself and the group. Things unfolded in a natural way. The way they were meant to be. This trip has been extremely inspiring and at the same time totally funny, simple and fully human. YESSSS!!!!!
Rock on Insights Seekers. I am your biggest fan!

Kathrin Keusch

What it is included?

Briefed Itinerary

We will detox our bodies by eating 75% of the food organic and healthy, we will be vegan, vegetarian, and carnivores.

We will hike, canyon, climb, scramble, and meditate by the sunset/rise.

We will sit together to talk and at other times we will have the space to only listen to our own voices.

We will share powerful insights and perspectives about life's ultimate truths.

Founder & Expedition Leader

Belal Abdussalam

From Feb 2017 to Jan 2019 I hiked around 3000 KM in the desert alone, with local Bedouins, and visitors from all over the world. Traversed ancient trails, valleys, canyons, and mountains. I am a Three Peaks Egypt Challenge summiteer (three of the highest three peaks in Egypt). I also climb, ride horses, and I learn how these adventurous sports can help us heal, develop, and explore the universe inside and out. ‍ I learned how to reflect, forge meanings, gain insights for life, share, and set the environment to empower others to do the same. Because one of my beliefs is that everyone has a story full of lessons that can inspire others. You just need the right environment to share without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. claim that I can set up this environment, creating a safe space within my expeditions in the wilderness.

Expedition Pricing

5490 EGP

A well trained expedition leader
Bedouin guides who are wildlife experts
Bedouin cooks
Camels to carry our luggage
Healthy, organic, and locally made food
Natural herbs, honey and olive oils
Well trained bedouin driver
Transfer from and to Sharm El Sheikh airport
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