New Years Eve in the Wilderness

Time to reflect and thrive

Dec 27, 2020
Egypt - South Sinai
6 Days
All food included

End the year hiking, camping, canyoning in the desert

Reflect, set intentions and connect

Bring in the new year celebrating around a bonfire with a group of new friends

Enjoy the first sunrise of the year from a high summit

How do you envision spending the last moments of 2020 and the first breaths of 2021?

Maybe this year you’re craving something different, perhaps taking a step away from loud events and not planning on celebrating your New Year's Eve at Times Square in New York City or Trafalgar square..

If you seek a quiet, simple, and authentic way to bring a unique end and meaningful beginning this time around, join us in the wilderness.  

We’ll head into the desert together, being met with a sense of calmness and nostalgia as we reflect on the events that took place in our lives in the past 12 months. 

As we enjoy the wilderness and reconnect with ourselves, we will be more capable to honestly envision how we want the 365 days that are about to unfold in front of us to look. 

In the desert and under the stars, we’ll let go of all that was and all that wasn’t in 2020 and enter 2021 refreshed, unburdened and ready to thrive.

December 27th - 30th will include:

• Hiking, scrambling and canyoning in the mountains and the diverse landscape of the desert

• Camping in 3-4 different spots, both nights sleeping under the starry sky.

• Sharing good meals, vibes, conversations, and laughs together.

December 31st:

• Take a short hike to the New Year’s Eve spot

• Cook ourselves a lovely, healthy meal on the bonfire.

• Dress up however we please for this special evening, simple and authentic, but as nice and glitzy as we each please

• Spend the night singing together, taking turns talking deeply and listening carefully. Being fully present and enjoying the last moments of the year connected to ourselves, our new friends and nature, away from busy noisy cities many of us come from.

• Capture the moment by taking some celebratory photos around the bonfire.

January 1st:

• Get up very early to hike, and begin our first day in 2019 above a high summit to enjoy the first sunrise of the year..

• Free time to feel the power of this beautiful new morning, to meditate and set intentions for the year. 

- A well trained expedition leader

- Bedouin guides who are wildlife experts and have a deep understanding about the desert, as well as extra guides for any emergencies.

- Bedouin cooks

- Camels to carry our luggage.

- Cameleers to gather our luggage and set up the everyday camping spot. 

- Healthy, organic, and locally made food suitable for hiking which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooked on a bonfire in the traditional bedouin way.

- Natural herbs, honey and olive oils to support detox.

- Three to four bottles of water per day.

- Well trained bedouin driver and a car with GPS to reach us for any emergencies.

- Transfer from and to Sharm El Sheikh airport.

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