Ride, Seek & Find

Find your authentic self

Oct 3, 2020
Egypt - South Sinai
3 Days
All food included


Open mind group to share experiences

Meditation and Breathing exercises

Ride a horse into wild desert

When was the last time you went wild and adventurous?

When was the last time you had a real, honest meeting with yourself, one where you truly looked at yourself in all your vulnerability and authenticity?

If you want to experience the valley and yourself on horseback with us, be prepared for fun mixed with profound insights. The desert will remind you who you truly are and your horse will reflect back your truth. 

If you’re ready for connection, adventure and an honest experience with yourself join us!

Day One:

• Meet at the stable at 9:00 - Manish talk!

• Introductions of you to the horses and the horses to you.

• Time to practice the important skills for the long ride ahead

• Lunch break

• Sunset ride to the lagoon surrounded by the gulf of Aqaba and the red sea mountains.

• Back to the stable to get your horse ready for dinner before heading for your own dinner 

Day Two:

• Prepare your camping equipment

• Meet at the stable and prepare your horse for the ride

• Start our long ride heading south until we reach the valley

• Lunch break - horses talk!

• Ride until we reach the end of the valley where we camp and we share our reflections around the bonfire.

Day Three:

• Early start to the day - 6.30 

• Pack your stuff and brush your teeth with your left hand ;)

• Free time for individual meditations

• Pick some wild herbs for your brain tea

• Time to sit in the morning sun, drink your special tea and tap into the gratitude in your heart

• Prepare breakfast and get ready for the day

• Get your horse ready

- Food (5 meals)

- water

- guides

- food for our horses

- riding equipment

- car for camping gear

- horses rent

- horse riding instructor

- expedition leader

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