Quantum Physics: Aligning for Ascent

A lot of how we show up in life directly determines the results we receive. 

Abstract concepts such as the “law of attraction” have been thrown around over the past few years, so much so that most of us have probably had a brushing up against them or their relatives at some point. Keeping distance between us and abstractions, let’s take a look at the facts. Physics tells us that matter (including us) is actually 99.99999 percent empty space. So what are we and everything around us made up of? Energy!

Quantum physics explains that atoms, the building blocks of our universe, are more energy than matter. 99.99999 percent energy to be exact and only about 0.00001 percent matter. 

QUOTE: Seems like everything is more “no thing” than “some thing.” 

Instead of understanding our world as strictly solid matter, it’s more accurate to perceive it as energy or frequency patterns of information. What’s most important is that we act as conscious mindful energy, since we are energy that has consciousness, and energy responds to us. 

QUOTE: Following quantum physics, matter is actually energy existing as pure potential that exists in a wave state until it is observed. Observed by what? By mindful energy, us humans! 

Once matter is observed it moves from pure potential and manifests in the physical reality we experience. So to take a leap from physics into the waters of creating our own realities, what this means is that pure potential means infinite possibilities. 

If we can imagine a result or a future, it already exists as a potential possibility in the quantum field. We just need to observe it so it manifests in our reality. 

All matter is made up of energy, this includes our mind (or consciousness). We are energy with a consciousness, meaning we are not only entangled with energy, our consciousness allows us to mindfully influence matter (which once again is almost entirely energy.) 

Our physical body is already organized patterns of energy within the quantum field. Our mind is where our mindful abilities to create and direct our desire outcomes exists. Our thoughts and states of mind are constantly changing the energy and frequency patterns we emit, to which all energy responds to accordingly. Therefore what we think directly influences how the energetic universe (which as we learned, is all there is) responds to us. 

Quote: Our intentions, feelings, thoughts, mind states and truest beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities is what shapes our lives. Our thoughts and feelings are charges emitting a certain frequency, and that frequency can only attract or align with the same frequency of outcome. 

Negative frequencies align and attract events, people, situations, etc. vibrating at a similar frequency… Try to recall a day where things just kept going wrong. 

For instance, if something went wrong in our morning and we let it truly sour our mood and outlook of the day, chances are that one thing wasn’t the only that went wrong that day. Usually if we let that one small thing trigger a negative mind-state/outlook, it paves the way for a challenging afternoon or even an entire day. It seems like everything that can go wrong, will go wrong and does go wrong. 

This is because we co-create our reality with our perception

Of course, there are other factors that determine how our reality is shaped, but we ultimately we to some extent also draw ourselves into that which we perceive as real. 

Think back to that bad morning again. Perhaps at one point you got distracted with work or a friend cheered you up. Suddenly, your mood brightened and it seemed to have broken the pattern of negative circumstances that seemed to be piling up around you. By changing our frequency to a higher, more positive one we change what enters our reality.

According to these facts of quantum physics, at the most basic level if we believe we are capable of something, then we are already halfway to succeeding at it. This doesn’t mean that we can sit back and think our way into accomplishing things. However, it does mean that our belief is a very important component in the outcome. 

As climbers, we already know that we can’t fool the rock or ourselves. What we show up with inside our heads will translate to the climb. We have learned to arrive calm, steady and without expectations, open for the mountain to reveal itself to us as we ascend. 

Expectations do not help us. A big ego does not fit in the harness. Doubt only weighs us down. 

Each climb is as much mental as it is physical, if not more. It is our own energy that either hinders our ascent, blocking us from progression or propels us as we rise. When we meet our physical challenge, it is our mind we meet. The critical moment that determines our success or failure is the reaction when our breath becomes unsteady, our palms sweaty and our muscles inch close to fatigue. 

The thoughts we form at this moment determine our reality. What will we attract? 

By all means, negative thoughts do not necessarily mean we won’t succeed. However, it lessens the chances drastically, and let’s be real, positive thoughts are more likely to make overcoming the challenge and the rest of the climb smoother. If we form the thought that we can’t do it, there’s a bigger likelihood that we won’t. Even if we do, in all probability will be more taxing and we may find ourselves attracting bigger amounts of frustrations and desperation to ourselves. 

We give ourselves the best chance for success with the mindstate we begin with. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.. and we’re the only ones capable of directing it!

Next time your on the rock, try to play with what you attract to yourself. 

Allow yourself to completely trust and believe in yourself. 

Visualize yourself already at the top, kissing the chain and smiling through the sweat at your accomplishment. 

Raising what your energy is emitting, may just make it more likely that the future you is already watching you down below as you conquer the climb. 

Remember, what you believe is what you put out there and what you put out there is related to what you get in return. The energy you are currently holding and the energy that arises with you during the climb get you to where you want to be.   

Align yourself for ascent.

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