Ride, Seek, and Find!

When was the last time you went wild for adventure?
When was the last time you had a real meeting with yourself and you became vulnerable, authentic, and at peace?

Have you ever thought about what you can learn from horses when you communicate and connect with them?
Have you dreamed about walking with a horse in a stunning nature among the mountains and valleys?

If you want to experience that join us on Ride, Seek, and Find!

Day One:
●Meet at the stable at 9:00 – Manish talk!
●Introducing you to the horses and introducing the horses to you.
●Practicing important skills for the long ride.
●Lunch break
●Getting ready for the sunset ride to the lagoon surrounded by the gulf of Aqaba and the red sea mountains.
●Back to the stable – getting your horse settled and review important tips for the remaining excursion 😀

Day Two:
●Prepare your camping equipment
●Meet at the stable and prepare your horse for the ride
●Start our long ride heading to the south until we reach the valley
●Lunch break – horses talk!
●Ride till the end of the valley where we camp and we share our reflections around the bonfire.

Day Three:
●Morning routine: Start at 6:30
●Pack your stuff and brush your teeth with your left hand 😉
●Meditate in your own way
●Pick some wild herbs to your brain tea
●Journal the things what you’re grateful for and money can’t buy during drinking your tea
●Preparing our breakfast and getting ready for the day.
Get your horse ready
●Horses talk!
●Riding back to the stable
●Bathing, feeding, and taking your horse to his sleeping room.
●We say bye.
Meeting, watching documentaries about horses, and reflecting by then in Dahab is optional :D.

Price: €260
Includes: Five delicious meals cooked on the spot, fresh water, tour guides and riding instructors.

Saddle Up!

Your four-legged soulmate is waiting. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to connect! Yalla, lets go!

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